We only use the very best fireworks
from around the world

Black Cat - Standard

Cosmic - Golden Lion

The evolution of fireworks can be traced back to the pre - historic age. Initially, salt petrel was just used for making the cooked meat tastier.
There is even a legend, that one fine day, when a bird was being
cooked over a bonfire, small amount of salt petrel is thought to have
fallen over the burning red hot coal. The instant reaction due to chemical reaction of saltpeter, led to the use of it as an explosive as well.

It is believed that the Chinese were the first to use "Salt Petrel" (SP)
as an explosive. They packed SP into thin size bamboo sticks
exploded on impact and thus it became, the man's first ever
recorded use of an explosive.

Today things have changed........
there are hundreds of manufactures of fireworks

As a specialist Pyrotechnic company
G2 Fireworks have taken the time to evaluate the best and the worst
from makers in all 4 corners of the globe.

We have the very best to ensure that you receive
the most dynamic, exciting and unforgettable
firework experience.....